The main point of each Category:

Future Husband- To challenge you to become who you need to be in Christ for your future husband! It’s not only important to pray for your future husband but to become the person you are praying for.

Hope- We put our total trust in the Lord our everlasting God because He gives us strength and power. When we are feeling down and discouraged we can have Hope that He is using us. His plans are so great and mighty. Don’t lose Hope. Don’t let Hopelessness sit with you. If you’re feeling hopeless this is for you!

Love- God’s love is the greatest of loves. How do we love like Jesus does? How do we love broken people, a broken world, or with a broken heart? What is the big deal about God’s type of love??

Purpose- What is your purpose? Look at your life and the people you are impacting. You are being used to do great things! We are all equipped with something different that allows us to reach people other’s wouldn’t be able to reach. We are made differently with a purpose. Don’t be afraid to step out into the unknown. When you get to the bottom of the mountain or the end of that step in finding your purpose you will be stronger, a little more fearless and braver than ever before.

Pursuit of Him- What does it look like to seek Jesus? What is it like to follow Him?

Singleness- How to survive singleness. This is all about becoming who you are in Christ during your waiting period. Patience and Prayer.

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